Why Vehicle Shipping May Be Right For You

Why Vehicle Shipping May Be Right For You

If you’re looking to move a car, consider Direct Connect Auto Transport as your professional auto carrier. Direct Connect Auto is the most reliable auto transport company and you can count on your vehicle being delivered on time! Direct Connect Auto knows how to safely and effectively get your vehicle to the desired location in a timely manner.

You can rest assured that your vehicle will be safely shipped by the dependable auto shippers at Direct Connect Auto. They ship everything from collector’s cars and sports cars to boats and motorcycles. For over 20 years, Direct Connect Auto Transportation has earned high ranks from their many satisfied customers.

Once your vehicle is shipped, you can track your vehicle at all times. With a damage-free guarantee, you can be reassured that your vehicle will be delivered safe and secure! They offer open shipping, flatbed shipping and closed shipping – for those who prefer different levels of protection to move cars.

Your car is always guaranteed for protection when you ship with a professional car shipping company and you’ll be able to relax knowing it will arrive safely and on time. Hauling your own car is not an easy thing and, if not done right, you can damage your car. Professional car shippers have all of the equipment to handle different sized vehicles and with the price of gas combined with wear and tear may cost more than having a professional ship it for you.

You may run into various issues that you have not thought of when trying to transport your car yourself. For example, if you have multiple vehicles there may not be an economical way to move them all yourself. Direct Connect Auto is equipped to handle multi-vehicle loads and transports.

To protect one of your most valuable assets, and ship your car with a professional who has been in the vehicle shipping industry for years. Whether you want seasonal auto shipping, international shipping, military relocation, college moves or anything else – Direct Connect Auto transport can help you make it possible!

The Basics of California Car Shipping

The Basics of California Car Shipping

California auto transport is a convenient method to move a vehicle from one location to another without the hassle of driving. If you are relocating, selling or buying a car that needs to be shipped from another state, calling a shipper may be the ideal solution. There are a few methods by which vehicles can be shipped, and these tips can help customers find the most efficient and effective solution.

Do Your Research

The easiest way to ensure an economical and hassle-free shipping experience is to do some research before making a decision. Most carriers have easy-to-use websites that allow you to obtain quick quotes if you want to move cars from one place to another. Choose a few companies and get quotes, and read online reviews for these companies. Review sites allow previous customers to give ratings and leave comments on their experiences. By reading some reviews, you’ll get a balanced opinion on the service you can expect.

Be Prepared

Most companies that handle California auto transport have recommendations and rules on the process. Once you choose a preferred shipper, be sure to read the website’s FAQ section, or call them with additional questions. Having papers filled out and keys ready to hand over can help, as can ensuring that you’ve removed all of your belongings and all but a quarter-tank of gas from the vehicle.

Consider Valuable Upgrades

Most carriers offer extra services with an added cost. Whether the goal is to save money, time or both, you might find some of these add-ons beneficial. Typically, if you’re shipping from one state to another, it will be delivered by an open carrier. Depending on the vehicle’s type, you may want a covered carrier to protect the car from the elements, debris and dust. Door-to-door delivery and pickup can save time if you’re not close to a shipping terminal.

Get Enough Insurance

A key upgrade in the auto transport process is shipping insurance. With international shipping, the carrier may only be responsible for a certain amount of damage. In such cases, you may want marine shipping coverage, which is readily available. For interstate transit, insurance upgrades are commonly bought for vintage, luxury or exotic cars—and these upgrades are a great source of reassurance.

It’s expensive to ship a car, but there are ways to save. When shipping a car within the United States, it can cost several hundred or even a thousand dollars to complete the process—and anything you can save will help.


7 Things an Auto Shipper Doesn’t Want You to Know

7 Things an Auto Shipper Doesn’t Want You to Know

Few people move their cars frequently enough to become proficient at it—and all too often, knowledge comes at an enormous expense. There are certain things that some auto shippers would rather you didn’t know, and we’ll discuss them here.

Door-to-Door is Always More Expensive Than Terminal Service

This assumption makes sense. After all, delivery to your front door requires additional effort, and those efforts don’t come cheap, right? Not always. Even if an auto shipper saves fuel and time by dropping your car off at a shipping terminal, their fees may offset those savings. If you live in an inaccessible area, terminal fees may be less than those incurred with door-to-door service.

It’s Better to Deal With a Carrier than a Broker

This one should be under serious reconsideration. If you deal with the carrier directly, you may find customer service lacking. It’s best to find a shipper that provides top-notch customer service and regular status updates. Carriers have limited routes in limited areas each week, and when routes fill up, they offer later shipping dates. It may require additional work to find a dependable and available carrier that’s there when you need them.

You Can Save by Taking the Hubcaps Off

This one’s an urban legend, and it’s just not true. The myth may have originated from the fact that removable parts must be removed before overseas shipping. However, hubcaps and other accessories don’t have anything to do with the cost of hiring an auto shipper. Carriers have to meet strict weight standards, and additional items are not insured in transit.

The Lowest Price is the Best Deal

Many things affect the auto transport quotes you’ll receive. Be careful when you’re comparison shopping, as the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Some companies add on surcharges after they take your (non-refundable) deposit. When you shop around, be sure to make accurate comparisons. If a quote is substantially higher or lower than average, it’s worth a little extra research. Instead of basing your decision solely on price, look for companies that guarantee safe, on-time delivery.

Quotes are Always Accurate

When shipping a car, you should always be on the lookout for inaccurate pricing. In many cases, too-high or too-low quotes are wrong because the delivery or pickup location was recorded incorrectly. Differences in city names may be minor, but they can add up to hundreds in additional costs. Before taking a carrier up on their quote, ensure that the pickup and destination ZIP codes are correct.

Distance Determines Shipping Cost

While distance is relevant, people often find that they’ve paid more to ship a car than a friend or neighbor has paid. Customers should also consider the pickup and destination locations’ accessibility, as carriers charge more if they have to depart from their main route. It pays to be flexible with pickup and delivery dates as well.

Online Quotes are Always Reliable

A system’s value can be measured by how it responds when the unexpected happens. Test the carrier’s quote system by asking for quotes for a variety of circumstances, and toss out quotes that seem artificially high or low. Every shipping need is unique, and successful transit is a combination of the right carrier, time and place.

Accident Repair – Will My Car Ever Be the Same?

If you’ve had a car accident and need to repair your vehicle, it can seem like it’ll never be the same; this is especially the case if you’ve been involved in a serious accident where it appears that your car cannot be salvaged. However, it is worth getting advice and repairs from a specialist service such as Balgores Motors, who can inspect your car to see whether or not your car can be repaired after an accident. Whether or not your car will ever be the same will also depend on the severity of an accident, and if it has any specialist parts.

Bumps and dents from an accident can usually be easily fixed, compared to more severe accidents, whereby body tearing can require welding and replacement parts. How much strain a car can take, and its potential for repair can also depend on its age and model. If your car has been involved in other accidents in the past, garages may recommend that it be scrapped in order to comply with road safety laws.

It’s worth discussing the specific features of your car with a garage, and especially if you have a vehicle that is primarily made from aluminium. Repair services can provide options for repairing aluminium cars in their own special bay, which can help to reduce the risk of further galvanic corrosion as the result of exposure to steel particles. Some garages can similarly provide specialist repairs and parts sourcing for classic cars of different types, or can recommend places where you can source replacements.

After repairs have been carried out to your car, it’s crucial that you take the time to give it a thorough inspection. To this end, it’s crucial to keep detailed maintenance records, and to run through some basic checks; this can include looking at body panel alignments, whether doors close properly, and that all sensors within a car are working properly. You should also test out your wheel alignment and the general handling of a vehicle.

Some after repair problems can only become apparent after you’ve been driving a car for a few weeks. It’s worth, then, being careful to note down any slight problems with handling or your brakes, while also checking your exhaust and the general performance of your engine. By keeping receipts from garages, you can take your car back if you’re concerned that their repairs didn’t solve a core problem with a vehicle.

With most types of minor damage, you should be able to restore your car back to its pre-accident levels. However, it’s important to accept that your car will never quite be the same after a major accident, whether due to structural problems or difficulty in sourcing new parts; this is particularly the case with older cars. By working with an experienced accident repair company, you can, though, reduce the risk of your car breaking down again in the future. Advice can also be given by repairers over whether it would be better to scrap your car.

Author Bio: Sophie Wiggins blogs about car repairs and maintenance. For comprehensive accident repair services, She recommends using Balgores Motors. She also writes about car safety and car insurance.

Debris Driving: Skills For Driving In Extreme Weather Conditions

Regardless of our competency as individual drivers, when we drive in poor weather, our skills are pushed to the limit. While we may not have the tools or the speed to take corners like a rally driver, our cars are built to withstand a lot of force. We can encounter freak weather conditions almost anywhere in the world these days, and here are two common ones for the winter months.

High Winds

When it comes to driving in high winds, firstly if you can avoid driving in the weather, then that would be much safer. But if you are caught up in a gust, on a bridge for example, then here are some things to take on board:

Slow the car down. Leave yourself a larger gap than normally between the vehicles in front.

A sudden gust can cause sudden movements! This means that, if the wind is strong enough, it may make the steering wheel turn, so have a strong grip on the wheel at the 9 and 3 positions, which gives you a better hold on the wheel than you would at 10 and 2.

There are potential areas where a gust is so strong it pushes you into the lane next to you. This can occur when you are doing any of the following:

  1. Going into an exposed area of road from a protected one. For example, from big buildings or rock formations. To give you an idea of what to expect, see what the cars in front are doing.
  2. Crossing a bridge. Drive in the middle lane.
  3. If you are driving taller cars, such as camper vans.
  4. Driving next to cars that are larger than yours. A strong gust could potentially blow them sideways into your lane, ramming you off the road!

After a storm, there could be potential floods or fallen power cables. So drive with your wits about you. If a road is flooded, this could mean that if you abandoned your car in an area of low-lying land, it could get swept away!

After driving in high winds, your car may have taken a battering. Check the car for any superficial damage, or to see if everything is intact in the hood and underneath the car. Getting the suspension checked by a mechanics like GC Suspension or a local service can give you some pointers about driving in conditions like too.


Very stressful due to the low visibility, driving in fog requires you to be more vigilant than you normally would as anything could come into vision with a millisecond for you to react.

  1. Put the fog lights or the low beam on.
  2. Before entering a bank of fog, pump the brakes slightly. This will inform the vehicles behind to keep back a safe distance.
  3. Drive slow is the rule for the most part due to poor visibility, but when going towards a hill, make sure you are really slow, due to not being able to see if a car is on the other side.


BMW 1 Series Review

One of the best premium options for drivers, the BMW 1 Series offers the precision engineering and the fuel economy of the German carmaker’s other lines, but through three and five-door hatchbacks, with options for convertibles and coupes. The combination of low mileage and emissions and excellent handling provide the BMW 1 Series with some key advantages over rivals like the Audi A3 and the Volkswagen Golf, with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines available for the F20 series. What, then, are some of the key features of the BMW 1 Series?

Standard models for the BMW 1 Series come with 1.6-liter engines for BMW 116 and BMW 118 model petrol cars, while the 114i represents an entry vehicle for the brand. An M Sport version of the 1 Series is also available in the shape of the M135i, which can manage 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. Notable diesel engines include the 2.0 liter 116d, 118d, 120d, and 123d, as well as the 116d EfficientDynamics, which offers excellent mileage and low emissions.

In terms of handling, the 1 Series was redesigned for its latest generation to be 30 kg lighter, and is sleeker overall – all-independent suspension features for the 1 Series mean that the car handles well on different road surfaces, while dynamic rear wheel drive means that the 116i and 118i models are particularly able to deliver sports-like performance, with Coupe models also available in a range of different engine sizes.

Different steering models are available for the 1 Series, which include Comfort and ECO PRO, with the latter delivering more efficient driving. M Sport trims are available for the different cars in the series, while Convertible models can also be bought alongside Coupes. In terms of efficiency, all engines have been fine-tuned to cut down on mileage, with the 118i capable of 48 mpg and 137 g/km of CO2 emissions. The 116d provides 74.3 mpg, and 99 g/km of CO2, which means that it’s exempt from road tax.

The BMW 1 Series has been particularly praised for its safety features, and achieved 5 stars in the EURO NCAP tests; while including larger engines, on average, than the Audi A3, the 1 Series still manages to be lighter and faster, and capable of being driven using ECO PRO mode to further enhance its already low mileage figures. Extra trims are available in M Sport and Urban, with leather steering wheels and iDrive as bonus options.

In this context, the BMW 1 Series represents an excellent introduction to the BMW brand for anyone that’s considering switching; while you might be able to find slightly faster and more powerful models elsewhere, it’s difficult to beat BMW for engine performance and efficiency, as well as for the extensive range of extra features and customized options that you can add into your individual car. BMW’s Efficient Dynamics program also means that there’s a few car series in the world that have had as much attention paid to performance.

How to Sell Your Vehicle Quickly

When selling a vehicle you have to think of what the customer wants: great appearance, reliable condition, reasonable prices, and low mileage. Of course, many people are brand savvy and want to know the model and make of the car. However, if the car is not in great working condition, your chances of selling it are low.

Visual Condition

The condition of a vehicle is the first thing car buyers notice. If the car is run down from the outside and has a lot of damage, the buyer will likely turn away. If you have dings or scuffs, you may want to invest some money to fix the minor damages. Buyers will pay more for a vehicle that looks pristine from the outside. Without fixing these minor scuffs or paint chips, you may have to be willing to go for a lower offer on the vehicle. When a car is visually appealing, it will sell much faster. If you do end up getting an offer and decide to accept, you need to make arrangements for vehicle pickup. The vehicle can either be picked up in person or shipped with reliable automobile transport from Direct Connect Auto Transport if the buyer decides to have it shipped. With over 20 years of positive shipping experience in the U.S. and internationally, Direct Connect Auto can help you to get your vehicle safely where it needs to be.

Reliable Condition

You should have your vehicle inspected by a reliable mechanic. Everything from the oil to the battery should be checked to ensure they are in proper condition to be sold. Your engine should run well without stalling or breaking down. Just the basic mechanics of the car being in reliable condition will be a great selling point for any potential buyer. After all, buyers do not want to put in work the minute they purchase a used vehicle.

Price Point

Research prices of what your vehicle make and model is selling for online. These people likely did the needed research for their vehicle before they put up an offer. Your vehicle should be around the price that other sellers online price their car with the same vehicle. However, if you installed new upgrades like a new engine – your car price will be higher than the other offers. If your car needs something new like tires, make note of that in the vehicle description and have an open mind to lower your price below the asking price. If you are not selling your vehicle as quickly as you would like, you may want to offer a price cut.

Selling a vehicle quickly requires the best price to be set for the current condition of the vehicle. Whether you decide to invest money to improve the vehicle to sell for a higher price or offer a lower price letting the buyer know the vehicle will need improvements – the vehicle can likely be sold within a short amount of time. You need to be a reliable seller and have a used vehicle in great, driving condition. Once your vehicle is sold, if the vehicle needs to be shipped to a far away destination – Direct Connect Auto Transport can move cars to where it needs to be!

Top Tips to Planning a MINI Adventure

Have you ever thought about planning a MINI adventure? One of the main appeals of a MINI is its versatility and durability for long drives, and whether you own or rent a MINI, it’s worth considering a long distance trip; this might be for charity, for a holiday, or just a weekend break to somewhere near to your home. When planning a MINI adventure, you need to think about areas like finding the right model, getting insurance and parts, and where you can go to make the most of a MINI.

Getting the right MINI model for your trip means considering what size and speed you want – you may want to use a classic MINI Hatch or a MINI Cooper, with the latter offering greater speed and aerodynamic handling. Alternatively, you might want to bring the family along in a MINI Countryman or Paceman, or you may want to enjoy the sun with a MINI Convertible. It’s possible to get excellent deals on a new or used MINI from a Cooper MINI dealership, where you can also receive extended warranties and genuine replacement parts.

In terms of where you go for your MINI adventure, the amount of time you can afford to take off, and the resulting cost, need to be weighed up. For an epic drive, you might want to rent a MINI in the United States for a cross country trip. Alternatively, you could drive your MINI through the Eurotunnel to France for a long distance drive through Europe. For weekend adventures, you can enjoy pushing a MINI to its limits on the back roads of the UK.

When budgeting for a road trip, you need to think about some travel basics like fuel costs, as well as what your day to day spending is going to involve. Are you going to camp or stay in hotels along the way, and will you need to add any storage items to your MINI like a roof rack? Similarly, can you save money on food by bringing along supplies and a cooler, and are there any particular places where you can safely lock up your MINI for the night?

In terms of general safety, it’s important to pick up the right kind of car insurance for a trip. Check to see whether your existing insurance covers trips overseas, and consider whether it’s worth getting specialist breakdown cover. If you’re buying a MINI through an authorised dealership, you may be able to sign up for overseas breakdown cover and access to replacement parts and approved garages before you travel.

Other issues that you should check before going on a MINI adventure include seeing whether you can make navigation easier on yourself through travel apps; inbuilt sat navs in MINIs can potentially allow you to avoid mobile phone roaming charges if you are going abroad, while you can also sync up your social media and maps with tablets and laptops if you need to keep travel documents in one place.

Taking these steps can ultimately help you to enjoy the best possible MINI adventure.

Sophie Wiggins is a freelance writer and inspired explorer.

She is currently working with Cooper MINI to raise awareness of the many dealerships up and down the UK. Sophie loves exploring in a MINI and thinks it’s size makes it ideal for ad hoc traveling.

Popular Sedans in India – Affordable and Spacious Cars

For many, owning a sedan is a dream come true experience. The sedans are superior to the hatchbacks in space and performance. In comparison with the utility vehicles, the sedans hold a definite edge as family car. Almost all sedans are elegant and stylish to look and come with feature-laden interiors. They also offer great comfort and space. Sedans have more cabin and storage space when compared to the hatchbacks and compact SUVs. They are the best choice of vehicles for the high placed executives driving to their office on daily work schedule.


Here is a look at some of the popular sedans in India.

Honda City – Undoubtedly the leading sedan in the country, the Honda City has been a constant presence at the top of the chart for a long time now. Although it slipped from its top place in between, with the introduction of the diesel variant, Honda City has been able to climb back to the top and stay there. The all-new Honda City is available for a price range of 7.20 lakh to 11.72 lakh rupees. It comes with the best mileage figure for any car in India – 26 kmpl.

Honda Amaze – Closely following its bigger sibling is the compact sedan, Honda Amaze. A game changer car for Honda, the Amaze was the first diesel-powered car to roll out of the Honda factories here. Before the diesel version of the City came along, the Honda Amaze  the most fuel-efficient car in India, offering a mileage of 25.8 kmpl. Priced at 4.99 lakh to 8.12 lakh rupees, the Amaze is an affordable sedan.

Hyundai Fluidic Verna – Hyundai cars are loaded with features and they always take the standards a notch higher with every new launch. The Hyundai Verna, draped in the latest fluidic design language of the company is a winner in all respects. It is powerful, spacious and elegant in appearance. Available for a price ranging between 7.15 lakh to 12.06 lakh rupees, the Hyundai Fluidic Verna offers a decent mileage of 23 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire – Undeniably, the most favorite car of the masses, the Swift Dzire is a compact sedan that offers a good balance between space and compactness without compromising on performance. One of the most affordable sedan at a price range of 4.84 lakh to 7.74 lakh rupees, the Swift Dzire returns a decent mileage of 23 kmpl.

Toyota Etios – Elegant and Stylish in its appearance, the Toyota Etios is a powerful performer. Spacious interiors, feature-laden cabin and the brand name of Toyota endear this mighty car to the buyers. At a price range of 5.33 lakh to 8.50 lakh, it is quite affordable too. It comes with a good mileage of 23 kmpl.

For more information about upcoming New Maruti Suzuki Celerio please log on http://autoportal.com/newcars/marutisuzuki/celerio/

How to Prepare Your Car for Storage

If you won’t be using your car for a long period of time (for one reason or another), you will need to keep it in a storage unit. However, prior to actually doing this, you will have to make your car ready for storage, so that when it is once again time for you to drive your car, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

If you plan to keep your car in storage for not more than six months, you will need to:

Wash and wax your vehicle. If the paint is not clean and well protected, all the contaminants and dirt left on the car will cause the paint to corrode and to turn into rust.
Top off the fluids. Full reservoirs attract less moisture because of condensation.
Change the filter and oil. With time, the oil becomes acidic and pretty much ‘eats’ your engine. On the other hand, fresh oil needs a lot longer to break down. Therefore, you will need to make sure the engine seals remain in good condition during the storage.
Both suspension and steering components need to be greased. This will keep the rubber bushings and seals in the suspension from dying out.
Remove the car battery. If it is left connected, it will deplete completely. This will even cause one or more inner cells to go bad.
Top off the fuel tank. Add fuel stabilizer too. If your tank is full, there will be no room for condensation. Also, the stabilizer keeps the gas from evaporating.
When leaving your car in the storage, do not use the parking brake. When the car sits for a long period of time with a parking brake on, the pads of the breaks tend to rust all the way down to the drum. This results in a complete seizure of the wheel. Instead of the parking brake, rather use a pair of wheel chocks. They will surely keep the car in place.

If the car is to be kept in storage for more than six months, do all of the above, with the additional:

The worst thing that could happen to a vehicle, apart from a crash, apparently, is extended sitting. Parts rust, fluids breakdown, seals dry out. To prevent these, you will need to perform occasional ‘start and drive’-s. If you won’t be in town to do it yourself, ask someone to do it for you; it is essential. Start the car, let it work a minute or two and drive it around in order for the transmission fluid to circulate and the axle to grease.
Lubricate the rubber seals and hinges. This way you will prevent the hinges from rusting and the rubber seals from dying out.
Exhaust vents need to be blocked off. This keeps both moisture and critters out.

If the vehicle is to be kept in storage over a year, do all of the above, excluding the ‘start and drive’ and also add the following:
-Remove all the fuel from the tank.
-Coat all metal parts using lithium grease in order to prevent rust.
-Remove the spark plugs and also add mystery oil to the cylinders.
-Put the vehicle on jack stands.

Putting your car “out of the game” is a terrible punishment for the vehicle itself. However, if you really need to do it, you ought to keep it safe in storage and to also do all you can so that when it is once again time to hit the road, your car won’t disappoint you.

Gregory enjoys cars and writes in a variety of topics concerning secure car storage and relocation.

Buying Wheels Online Has Never Been Easier

There is often a bit of trepidation when it comes to buying anything online, especially if it is something that is a bit pricey. People have an innate need to touch and examine something, which makes buying online a bit difficult since you can do neither of those things. Fortunately ecommerce stores online have made buying online incredibly easy, especially when it comes to anything automotive!

Why Buy Wheels and Tyres Online

Save money

The best part about buying something online is that you generally save a fair bit of money. This is because stores have an overhead that causes the prices on anything they sell to be inflated. This inflation ensures that stores make a profit and are able to stay in business. Fortunately, the savvy online shopper understands that having a warehouse or simple stock in a certain location means that there is little to no overhead and sellers are able to cut the prices down and pass their savings onto consumers.

Buying wheels and tyres online versus in stores follows the same principle of cost inflation. Granted, you have to wait for your wheels or tyres to be delivered to your home, but you likely saved yourself a pretty penny in the process!

Save time

Most people have incredibly busy lives. Between work, family, and other obligations, it can be hard for someone to find just a few minutes each day to relax. Having to go drive into town, or hunt down the nearest automotive shop for a new set of wheels or tyres is something many people are not too thrilled about having to do after a hard day’s work. Fortunately online shopping makes life much easier!

Instead of packing up and driving out somewhere, simply grab a computer and find the perfect set of wheels and tyres within minutes! After a bit of research you can easily find some cheap wheels and great prices on tyres that also include free shipping to your home! Within ten minutes you can have a great set of wheels on its way to your house and you never have to set a foot outside!

Easy to compare

One of the biggest problems with shopping in stores is that you feel pressured into buying whatever product is already there. Who wants to go all the way to a store and find the right wheels only to refuse buying them because they are slightly more expensive than at another store? Additionally, who else has the time to visit all of the nearby automotive store to find out which has the best price?

Fortunately, when you buy online, you can quickly check the prices on anything within moments. Find the absolute best price and buy it then and there! Heck, you may even find that there is a sale going on and your nearby store price matches! Either way, shopping online is always a guarantee for some low prices in no time! Whether it be 4wd mag wheels to high performance tyres, the online store you decide to shop by should have a great range with the best prices for quality.

Tips For Online Shopping

Buying online may seem just as simple as searching and paying, but there are a few areas where people make some common mistakes. If you are looking to get the best set of wheels, tyres, or any sort of automotive part, then check out these great tips for buying online!

–          Legitimate site – scams are quite prevalent around the internet, but most people are able to spot them right away. A great deal of time and effort goes into developing a legitimate site, so you can generally tell. If ever in doubt, call their customer service number, check for reviews on other sites, and research their information before buying!

–          Shipping costs – Many people will lower the prices on an item to make it seem cheaper, but then charge an exorbitant amount on shipping and handling. Make sure that you read what the total cost will be and check all shipping options! There may be a free option available, or one for in store pickup for free as well!

–          Research, research, research – while it may seem tedious to spend an hour researching something, it is likely well worth it. If you are looking for some performance wheels for your vehicle, then you shouldn’t just buy the first product that jumps out at you. Instead make sure that you thoroughly research the manufacturer as well as the site you are buying it from! You can never be too careful when buying online!

–          Check for local stores – most online stores will also feature a store you can visit in person. Ozzy Tyres, for example, has several stores across Australia but also ships free to your home on all their parts. These stores allow you to speak with real people if you have an issue, plus you can also find great deals and get professional installation there as well!

How to find the Best Second Hand SUV’s within Budget

A personal vehicle is very important in everyday life. We all need a vehicle to travel to work, to school or to enjoy fun activities. Without a personal vehicle, life can become very difficult, very quickly. An SUV is a perfect option for large families who have a lot of running around to do each day but it is also a vehicle that is very expensive. The best way to own an SUV is to purchase the vehicle second hand. However, many consumers do not know the best ways to find this type of vehicle in used condition. Below are a few tips to get you started finding the perfect SUV secondhand.

Do Your Research

The first step you need to take is to do your research. Determine the type of SUV you would like and then learn as much as you can about the vehicle. You need to know the common price of such a vehicle, any recalls, common issues, etc. This way, you will know that if you find a vehicle you like, you will be able to determine if the SUV is the best option for your money. You want to make a good investment so that the SUV will last you for a long period of time.

Understand the Value

You must also understand the value of the vehicle you wish to own. By using such services as Kelley Blue Book, you can see the value of a certain car in different conditions such as Poor or Very Good and then determine the sale price. This will help you to understand if you are getting a good deal or if the seller is trying to take more money than the car is worth.

Local Paper

To begin your search, try the local paper or classifieds. This will show you sales in your area that is by individuals as well as car lots. Dealing with either an individual or lot will allow you to negotiate the price. However, a car lot will have the added bonus of trading in your vehicle or taking out a loan for the used SUV. A car lot may also have more vehicle choices as an individual will only have 1 vehicle for sale. Purchase a local paper regularly during your search and circle vehicles you are interested in and then go back to make contact with each seller to learn more about the vehicles for sale.

Search Online

To expand your search, go online. With the internet, you have the option of reaching a larger audience as well as search areas that are within a close driving distance to your home. For example, if you live in a large city, a used SUV may cost around $15,000. But, if you look at cities that surround you, smaller towns, you may be able to find a similar vehicle for $12,000 or less. The prices can be much higher in larger more populated towns, so you will get a better deal by expanding your search.

Overall, it is important to do your research and not settle on the first vehicle you find. You want to be able to earn the best deal and you might not be able to do so if you jump on the first vehicle you find. Be patient and focus on finding the best deal. Visit local car lots and test drive several used SUVs so you can get a feel for the vehicle and determine which option will work best for you and your family. The process may be longer and more involved, but you will not be disappointed!

10 Maintenance Tips for Your Costly Cars

When owning a costly vehicle, it is important to protect your investment. Any vehicle, especially those with a high price point, will need to be handled with great care to ensure the vehicle continues to work properly. Without regular repairs and maintenance, a luxury vehicle can begin to become worn and lose value. To protect the value of your vehicle, it is important to learn the proper way to maintain your car or truck. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your luxury vehicle.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers are an important component of your vehicle. The wipers keep the glass clean and allow you to see during rain, sleet, hail, even snow. It is important to keep your wipers updated for maximum efficiency.

Oil Change

Changing the oil of your vehicle should be completed every 3 to 6 months or 3,000 to 6,000 miles based on the type of oil change you have completed on your vehicle. This is an important service that should not be missed to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is an area in which particles and dust are kept from entering the fuel line. With a clean filter, your vehicle will operate at maximum performance. If you have a dirty filter, you can see dirt and grime enter into the fuel line which can cause major issues with your engine.


The refrigerant of your vehicle is an area that also needs attention. Be sure to have the coolant flushed and replaced according to the manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle.


To maintain the value of your car or truck, you must make sure the interior of the vehicle is maintained. Regular detailing will allow your vehicle to be clean and tidy, which helps to keep a good value rating. Detailing includes upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, dash cleaning and care. You can choose to detail your vehicle or hire a professional to do so for you, whichever is most convenient.


Speaking of cleaning, the exterior of your vehicle needs regular attention as well. Be sure to have your vehicle washed by hand or professional car wash to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.


To keep your vehicle rolling smoothly, the tires of your car or truck must be properly aired and have quality treads. Once the treads wear down, you must replace the tires to ensure the safety of anyone inside the vehicle. As tires lose tread, the grip of the tires can wear down and make it hard for you to stay on the road safely. You want to ensure you can stop on a dime when needed and without proper treads, you cannot.


Along with the tires, the brakes are another safety issue. The brakes need to be replaced when you begin to hear creaking or unusual noises from the tire area. You will instantly know when the brake pads begin to wear away. Have the pads replaced on a regular basis to ensure your safety.


As with any piece of machinery, repairs must be completed to ensure the reliability of the vehicle. Be sure to schedule regular repairs so you can count on your vehicle to last for years to come.

Maintenance Service

Included with regular repair service, you will also need to schedule a regular maintenance service. Oil changes, fluid checks, and other services need to be scheduled every few months to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle. Get more info on the services you need by reading your owner’s manual or speaking with the car dealership.

By taking care of your vehicle properly, you will be able to enjoy your investment and have a car that can last for several years.