Top Three Tips for Getting the Best Price on Auto Insurance

Getting the best deal on car insurance can be a difficult task. You may better understand the price that you should pay by shopping around for different insurance companies. According to Nerd Wallet, good drivers could be missing out on $416 a year on average by not comparing insurance prices.

Here at Direct Connect Auto Transport, we understand that saving money is crucial when driving a car. It is important to not only save money on auto insurance but also on gas and even auto transportation. With your car, you want to ensure that you are getting the best of everything so that your car can safely move cars from point A to point B.

Always Check for Discounts

Insurance companies often will provide drivers with discounts. You can find insurance breaks with many things including:


  • Having a clean driving record
  • Owning a car with safety features including anti-theft
  • Pay full annual or 6-month premium at one time
  • Receive online documents
  • Bundle car insurance with home insurance or other policies
  • Insure more than one car on one policy
  • Member of a professional organization or affiliate group

Consider Local and Regional Insurance Companies

Those smaller insurance companies without the big names may be better for insurance. The smaller, regional insurers often have lower rates and higher customer satisfaction. The top four companies that control just about half of the auto insurance business in the U.S. are Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, and Geico.

Pay All of Your Bills On Time

Paying off all of your bills on time is important to ensure a great credit score. This is also an ideal way to show insurance companies that you are a trustworthy driver and that you will pay your insurance on time. This will help you to get some of the lowest prices to pay for car insurance. Any drivers who have bad credit have higher insurance rates in most states in the U.S.
With Direct Connect Auto, we provide you with the best in quality auto shipment and even a few pointers on the auto industry including how you can stretch your dollar regarding your vehicle and even with how to use automobile transporation for a reasonable price.