Staying Safe When Driving in the Snow

When you are shipping your car this Winter season, there are a few tips to keep in mind regarding your car’s safety. If the snow is too harsh for you to drive, you can always consider shipping with a professional auto shipper. Direct Connect Auto Transport has over 20 years of experience driving in all weather conditions to get your car where it needs to be!

What to Have In Your Car

In case your car breaks down, there are a few things you should always have in your car during the Winter. A shovel is necessary to store in your trunk in case you have to dig your car out of snow. An ice scraper with an attached broom will help to clear ice and snow off the windshield for better visibility. A spare tire is ideal to keep in your trunk in case severe weather causes a flat tire. With big drops in temperature, tire pressure will decline so your tires should always be properly inflated. In case the car battery dies, it may take AAA a while to get to your car through snow. It is always wise to carry a car battery jump starter with you. When shipping a vehicle, you do not have to worry about preventative maintenance as much, so you can feel more at ease instead of driving it yourself.

Perform Maintenance to Ensure Car Safety

Bringing Your car to a mechanic is great for preventative maintenance before the voyage. The mechanic will check everything from tire pressure to the oil in your engine. Cold weather can affect things like car oil and antifreeze. The oil will thicken in the cold which makes it more difficult for the engine to turn over. Your mechanic may have the oil changed along with the oil filter for maximum flow. A mechanic will also check the antifreeze to water ratio, ensuring the proper ratio for the bitter cold temperatures.

Have Your Tires Changed

Having your tires changed to snow tires will have your car performing much better in snow conditions. This will prevent your car from sliding with non-winter tires, and will give your car better traction on the road. The rubber stays softer with winter tires allowing it to conform to road conditions like snow, ice, extreme cold and even slush.  

When you are going to move cars in the Winter to the next state or cross-country, you may want to reconsider driving it yourself. It is difficult to drive your car long distances without the proper equipment from a professional auto transporter. Your car may not be as safe as you think, which is why you should consider a professional driver from Direct Connect Auto can assist you with your car’s travel, and ensure its safety.