Could Volkswagen Be the Next Car Manufacturer to Go Electric?

Recent talks of an electric Dune buggy – a cross between the classic Volkswagen minibus and an electric powered car – could join the new Volkswagen I.D. line. Volkswagen is rumored to be making 3 electric cars within the next five years in the U.S. This is an exciting opportunity for manufacturing right here in the U.S., promoting more jobs while creating a greener future. If you are interested in purchasing an electric car currently on the market, you can easily use the automobile transportation services by Direct Connect Auto Transport to be driving your electric car sooner than ever. Direct Connect Auto is one of the most reliable auto transport companies, shipping everything from trucks and motorcycles to boats and electric cars – wherever you need in the U.S. or even internationally! When the Volkswagen electric cars are made available, consider using safe and reliable enclosed vehicle shipping with Direct Connect Auto.

In 2020, Volkswagen will launch its first electric car that only runs on electric power. This will replace the e-Golf model. The next model is said to be a remake of the iconic 1960’s minibus. This will be launched in 2022, and will create an entirely new generation of microbus fans and is already creating quite the buzz! The all-electric model will have 3 rows of seats, which allows for a flexible design as opposed to the more compact electric cars in the market today. The third vehicle, a flagship sedan, will also come out in 2022. This is a hatchback spinoff that will also run solely off of electric power.

It is not certain that these electric cars will be made in the U.S., but one of the 16 manufacturing locations being considered is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Volkswagen is looking to create this “e-location” that will produce 1 million electric cars a year. They are investing 40 billion into the manufacturing of the electric vehicles and their locations.

The current top rated electric cars of 2018 according to are the 2018 Chevy Bolt, 2018 Nissan Leaf, 2018 BMW i3, 2018 Tesla Model S, 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric and the 2018 Kia Soul EV. The newer electric cars have more styles, colors, sizes, and features. Original electric vehicles were more compact, where now we are seeing larger models from top car manufacturers. Direct Connect Auto knows that consumer demand is quickly changing with interest in electric and hybrid cars. They have experience with shipping electric cars and will move cars for you anywhere you want to get your car delivered safely and efficiently!